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Commercial Door Hardware

We provide solutions that perform beyond expectations and that offer clean, sleek lines that complement any space. 
Our universal door hardware products such as latches, electric strikes, push paddles and bars, and door closers are used all over the GTA in the residential & commercial sectors. 
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ACE Security offers reliable security solutions to keep our clients safe.


Deadlatches provide flexible traffic control during and after business hours.

electric strikes

From basic to premium sreies we offer an extensive range of options and finishes.

push paddles

Ergonomically-friendly alternative to a knob or lever handle. Operate with a simple push or pull.

door closerS

Cast iron, foraged steel, and aluminum bodies, our door closures fit both wood and metal frames.

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We work with industry professionals to provide the best quality products using the safest materials available. When you choose ACE, you choose safety.
Call us today to discuss your Commercial Door Hardware needs and to receive your FREE quote!
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Contact one of our professionals today for your FREE QUOTE.



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