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Access Control - Control the flow of authorized personnel and deter unwanted guests.

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Why Access Control?


Whether it be an office, warehouse, or industry controlling access to assets, access control has become a necessity. Some problems we see with the traditional methods, such as lock and key. Having too many keys, or losing a key can pose a security risk.


With our access control system, the "key's" access can be easily limited and changed at any time, and if lost, can be easily removed from the system denying access to possible threats without the need to change locks.

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We offer a diverse range of sleek and modern key fob reader designs that seamlessly integrate into any architectural style. Our fob readers not only enhance security but also complement the aesthetics of your space, providing both functionality and elegance. Whether your building's design is contemporary or classic, our versatile options ensure a perfect fit, blending effortlessly with your existing decor while delivering reliable and cutting-edge access control solutions

Additional Features:

Aside from security applications, Access Control Systems can also contribute to employee management with the ability to name individual fobs. In addition, you also have the ability to monitor activity and activation of the fobs.


Access control specialists

  • Industry leader in digital and networked video surveillance

  • Control up to 1000 units of GV-AS / GV-EV controllers

  • Suitable for small & large scare operations

  • Live video and event playback

  • Listed as one of the top 50 security companies in the world


Access control specialists

  • High-security solution

  • Integrated access control

  • Unique authentication keys per Site and per Credential

  • Leader in coded keypad concepts for over 25yrs

  • Easy to Use User Interface


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